Got Mold? Call Us 603-508-1888

Got Mold? Call New Tech Environmental 603-508-1888

Do you have a mold problem? Are you worried about toxic mold in your home? Let the professionals at New Tech Environmental ease your fears and help you find an eco friendly, financially responsible solution to your black mold problems. Whether in an attic, basement, crawlspace or behind a wall, if there is mold, we can kill it!

At New Tech Environmental, we understand how frustrating a mold problem can be for a homeowner and we will do everything we can to ease the burden throughout the process. Since I have personally been sick from mold, I understand that it is important to deal with as soon as possible and shouldn’t be put off for too long, so we will do our best to offer a prompt solution acceptable to the customer.

We also wont be caught pushing air samples as if the were the end all of IAQ, because they are not. They merely tell you if you don’t vacuum enough or your vacuum isn’t sealed well, plus unless it is an impaction sampler, it just counts dead matter and doesn’t give you a viable count of colony forming units (cfu), so unless there is nothing visible and there is someone sick, I otherwise find more accurate and cheaper ways to make a better determination of the indoor environment. There is no need for outddor samples at all, they are irrellivant and only there to add $300 to your inspection costs. That is why we offer a flat rate on inspections, $325 for up to 3 samples of any kind, though they are usually cultured swab samples.

In many cases I will advise the customer not to bother wasting their money on determining what it is since the square footage often exceeds what is allowable anyway so regardless of type it still requires treatment. Though many companies would charge you 1st, then tell you that. We believe in God and Karma and run this business accordingly, trying to pay it forward at every chance we get!

So if you have a mold problem of any color, call New Tech Environmental, New Hampshires “A” rated Premier Mold Company!

Our friendly tech’s will gladly assist you in your problem and solution. We will clearly explain what our plans and proceedures are and walk you through the process as needed. Above all else we want the customers to be happy. The majority of our work is referral based even though we do, do a lot of advertising.

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If you have any issues, questions or concerns, please give us a call!